Journey to Sophie

In March 2005 we traveled to Hunan, China, to bring Chen Xu Yun into our family. This is our journey to Sophie.


March 23/05 ~ Timeline

Our Timeline
January 19/04
- heard about the idea of Chinese adoption
January 23/04
- met with Executive Director of OPEN ARMS to International Adoption
February 5/04
- 1st Homestudy with Social Worker
February 16/04
- 2nd Homestudy & Police Clearance arrived
February 26/04
- 3rd Homestudy
March 4/04
- long form of Marriage Certificate arrived
March 7/04
- attended Baby Care Class by OPEN ARMS
March 10/04
- long form of Laurie's Birth Certificate, Police Occurrence & Fingerprint Clearance arrived
March 15/04
- Laurie's Physical Examination
March 16/04
- Jamie’s Physical Examination
April 5/04
- final Homestudy
May 4/04
- Homestudy sent to Ministry
May 31/04
- attended Adoption Scrapbooking class
June 12/04
- purchased crib today!
June 21/04
- received approval letter from Ministry
June 25/04
- finalized all documents with OPEN ARMS
July 9/04
- 1st immunization
July 13/04
- mailed immigration papers
August 2/04 - LID
- Dossier received by China Centre of Adoption Affairs
September 2/04
- 1 month down
October 2/04
- 2 months down
November 2/04
- 3 months down
December 2/04
- 4 months down
January 1/05
- HAPPY NEW YEAR! The year we become parents!
January 2/05
- 5 months down
January 23/05
- met with our travel group for a Chinese dinner
February 2/05
- 6 months down & we are waiting by the phone!
February 3/05
Chinese Name: Chen Xu Yun
DOB: May 15, 2004
Chenzhou SWI
Hunan Province
February 5/05
- see Sophie's picture for the 1st time!

Tomorrow is the big day when we finally leave for China! It is hard to believe that the time has come for us to be parents. Today we are busy with last minute things to do. Jamie's dad is visiting from England and we are going to see him today as he will be back home when we return from China. Most of the packing is completed except for some last minute items. We are bringing along some snack food as well as Pepto Bismol. We have been warned to avoid certain foods and drink only bottled water. My friends, Debbie and Crystal, hosted a Baby Shower for me on Monday night. They had put a lot of work into all the wonderful decorations and the delicious food. It looked so lovely! We received many wonderful gifts including a playpen (we already have it set up in our bedroom for the first nights home), lots of cute clothes (I can't wait to dress her up), essential baby items, and something that Jamie really wanted - a Diaper Genie. No Jamie, it doesn't change diapers for you! The next time I post we will be in China!