Journey to Sophie

In March 2005 we traveled to Hunan, China, to bring Chen Xu Yun into our family. This is our journey to Sophie.


March 24/05 ~ On Our Way

It was quite exciting to begin the day knowing that in less that 24 hours we would be in China. We got up at 4:15am and left our house at 5:00am. Our friend from church, John Devere who owns a limo company, took us to the airport in style in a stretched limo. We stopped at Tim Horton’s for a final taste of Canada. The new addition to the airport is very modern and clean. After checking our bags, we wandered around and I noticed some Asian families with babies. Our flight left at 8:30am and we were served a hot breakfast – scrabbled eggs and sausage. After almost 5 hours we arrived in Vancouver. Our stopover was only 2 hours so that gave us some time to stretch our legs and take some photos before boarding again for the 11½ hour flight. We were able to get exit door seats which allowed us extra leg room. As we lifted off, Jamie and I said goodbye to Canada as it would be the last time we were here as just two – when we return we will be three. The meals were actually very good. I had a pork and noodle dish while Jamie had chicken and rice. We napped a bit and then they served a beef dish. The flight was very good and I couldn’t help but think that as each hour passed we were closer to Sophie’s homeland.
Waiting at the Vancouver airport.

New friend, Louanne, who is traveling with her husband Darren to get their daughter, LiLe, who is in the same orphanage as Sophie.
Boarding the plane for China.